As an architect every project is important. But now imagine how important project is in his own home!

For years he was always enjoyed the beauty of natural concrete and used to be a constant in their projects, however polished concrete floors were still not in his catalog, mainly because he was not aware of this actual technology its benefits, including dust proofing, and permanent high gloss with very simple maintenance.

However when he approached a floor contractor with a lot of experience in industrial floors projects and saw polished concrete floors in big industries, he realized that with the right floor contractor he could build some of the slabs of his house and prepare them to be polished and get the look and style he was searching for.

The project included polished concrete floor in the kitchen and family room, the living and dining room for a total of 62.75 square meters of polished concrete floors. The slabs were 5 inches thick, poured with 3500 psi ready-mix concrete, and saw cut in slabs 2 by 2 meters long. After the placement of the slab it was protected during the rest of the construction because there was also several contractors still working over the concrete slab. Around 45 days after the slab was initially poured and hard-trowel-finished it was finally grinded and polished using a predator 3200 Innovatech machine and densified with the RetroPlate system.