This project by CounterCrete, Van Wert, Ohio, was completed November 20, 2008. It started with a customer who had already researched concrete countertops and knew exactly what he wanted. The larger lower countertop is 2 x 42 x 108 inches. Due to the size of the entrance to the room, the countertop could not be cast in one piece. Instead of one or two seams, CounterCrete decided to do five seams on angles, unlike the straight seams on most countertops.

The finish on the countertops is a bit different too: At every seam, the look of the concrete changes. This was done using evergreen color from Interstar, Sherbrooke, Quebec. The finish was switched at every seam, starting with a light grind to expose some seams and changing to a heavier polish to expose larger aggregate and the embedded pieces of brown glass cast into the mold. The design also included a raised half-round bar top, which matches the angles of the lower countertop. The rear countertop has a light polish to expose some light sands.

The entire project was sealed with a penetrating sealer, then top coated with a water-based acrylic. The project took three months from start to finish due to cabinet delays. Two workers are credited for the fabrication of this project, and three are credited for its installation.