This project by Unique Concrete, West Milford, N.J., includes a pool surround, connecting sidewalks, and concrete work on top of an existing elevated wooden deck. The concrete work around the pool included integrally colored cantilevered coping done in a darker color than the stamped flagstone pattern on the pool surround. The impressions on the coping were all brought over the edge of the pool to create the look of individual concrete tiles. The contrasting coping helps define the pool's edge, creating a custom look.

After the pool work was completed, the homeowner decided to replace an existing paver sidewalk and retrofit an existing deck with Unique Concrete's products. The deck needed to be upgraded to handle the additional weight of concrete. It was originally supported by 4 x 4 posts, which were replaced with 8-inch block. Additional lag bolts and joist hangers were installed on the ledger, and composite material was placed on the vertical perimeter and step risers. Since the deck was originally constructed on a level plane, it was necessary to incorporate pitch, which was done by crowning the center. This enabled the three sides under the railings to be level, and finished with a cantilevered edge.

The maximum thickness of this pour was 2 1/2 inches down the center, tapered down to 1 1/2 inch along the perimeter. In these thin concrete laminations, the impressions that establish the pattern act as control joints as well, resulting in a randomly-patterned crack control system. Any movement in the deck is arrested in these joints, which were grouted to create the look of individual concrete tiles.

All of the concrete sufaces were emboseed with a textured roller technique to provide a completely unique and slip-resistant surface. The pattern is applied using "cookie cutter" stamps to five it the look of cast-in-place concrete tile. All of the concrete tests out at over 5000 psi. As a final precaution prior to the final coat of sealer, the surface was ground with a rubbing stone to eliminate sharp edges that would be uncomfortable for bare feet.

The product establishes visual continuity over several different surfaces and elevations, from the elevated deck down the steps, over the connecting sidewalkand to the area surrounding the pool.

The intergral colors were purchased from Lanxess, Pittsburgh, the structural synthetic fibers from Nycon, Westerly, R.I., and Forte Carbon Fiber Products, Ledyard, Conn., and the internal waterproofing from Anti-Hydro International, Flemington, N.J. The "cookie cutter" stamps, hand tools, and textured rollers were custom-made by Unique Concrete. The crew size was four people.