We did the bar top and panels, concrete "wood" tile for the floor, concrete wood furniture, concrete wood wall paneling, and front building facade with embedded signage that lights at night.

Initially we were commissioned just for the bartop and the project evolved from there once the client saw all the diverse applications for the material and how we could work with the medium to make it look however the client desired. We even made some 3-D furniture pieces out of the concrete wood.  The concrete wood is not meant to replace wood, but to put it in places that normally would not be ideal places for wood.  Restaurant floor in New York, cockroaches eat wood, they don't eat concrete, water damage, high traffic, concrete was a natural choice for practical purposes for the floor, getting it to look exactly the way they wanted was an added bonus.  

The existing facade of the building was deteriorating, they wanted a material that could mimic the pattern of the stone that was there, but with more durability. We used Surecrete's new GFRC which was a perfect application for the material, being able to embed their logo and make it glow was also an added feature.