These clients were interested in something different and unique.  Wade Heiner is a builder in Texas, and he and his wife were immediately captured by our custom stained & scored wood plank pattern for their personal home.  The smallest details, such as the drilled nail holes, helped them make an immediate decision as they visited with a design consultant at Stain & Stamp's showroom in Waco, Tx. 

The dark stained wood plank pattern flowed well with their open floor plan, giving their kitchen and living area a touch of Texas to go with their ranch style home.  Their dining room, along with the other bedrooms was not scored, but custom stained with three colors, resulting in a distinctive floor with a hint of simplicity.

Wade's game room, or man's cave as one calls it these days, is definitely one of a kind.  Yes, deer heads are mounted on the wall and a pool table is the prominent piece of furniture, but the main attraction is the authentic stone floors.  Stamped at the time of the pour, Butterfield's heavy stone texture pattern completes the room, giving the room a rustic aroma. 

Stain & Stamp's crew of four completed the Heiner's dream home in seven non consecutive days.  Butterfield acid stain, heavy stone stamp pattern, integral color, antique release and clear solvent sealer were used to complete the project.  Stain & Stamp's trained concrete artisans scored the 10 inch wood plank pattern by hand before acid stain was uniquely applied, resulting in a wood grain effect. 

The custom stained and scored wood plank pattern has been a great success since it was first applied for an innovative client in 2005.  The reason Stain & Stamp believes this pattern has been so recognized is because so many people are in disbelief that it is actually concrete.  In comparison to the stamped wood plank pattern, it is a smooth finish versus an intricate design with grooves that are difficult to keep clean.  Along with its low maintenance, Stain & Stamp's custom stained & scored wood plank pattern is an economical option.  When compared to the price of real wood, the decorative concrete option is going to save you more than half!  Plus, it's a floor you don't have to replace.  What an amazing option for home owners, retail stores, & businesses of all kinds!