Institutional Winner: New Construction

Diacon typically hosts a pre-construction meeting to explain what’s needed to achieve the desired outcome. But on this project, Diacon found itself installing after the pour. As a result, the topping slab proved to be too hard for typical grinding specifications.

Once grinding began, workers found that there were fibers in the topping slab, which created voids in the concrete of significant size. To satisfy the owner, architect, and builder, Diacon was called upon to think out of the box and remedy the situation.

Diacon moved with speed and precision, to keep the project on track as a whole. The fix was to drop down to a 6-grit segment to reduce the void diameters in the floor produced from the fiber. Next, the contractor performed a thorough clean-out of voids followed by a Smith Stain application that allowed a color match to the topping slab. This method proved to be a near-perfect match, saving the job from a potential tear out or alternative substrate installation.

After the installation, an outside joint fill company had installed polyurea improperly, causing a shadow effect at the joint lines. Diacon was asked to remedy the joint fill install.

Lastly, there were very tight tolerances on the edge work. A big challenge in our industry as a whole is the ability to make quality edges. Diacon performed them with near flawlessness.