The concept for this project was to paint the ocean floor, including sand, shoreline, coral, and sea life, on the floors of this residence. The entire interior floor space is the ocean floor. It is designed so that one enters the house on the sand, then travels deeper into the ocean. The showers in the house were also painted using the ocean motif.

The artist for this project, Livy Hitchcock, used Smith's Color Floor water-based stains to create the artwork. First, water-diluted stain was applied to the floors with a sponge mop. Then, two layers of undiluted stain were applied with sponge brushes, followed by another layer of the water-diluted stain. Details were then painted on with brushes using undiluted stain. Finally, two layers of UV Shield, a two-part epoxy topcoat, were applied to seal the floor and give the surfaces a permanently wet look.

The showers were completed using the same process as the floors. Sealing the showers posed a unique challenge, because the sealer was not designed for application to vertical surfaces. The problem was solved by applying it with a 1/4-inch nap roller cover.

Hitchcock completed the artwork on her days off over a two-month period. She generally worked alone, but occasionally had a helper to assist with mixing colors. Two people from Caribbean Affordable Housing, St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands, the project's general contractor, applied the sealer.

This project was the contractor's first residential construction project, and it's first project that included decorative concrete floors.