The original text on the floor, which makes this project unique, correspond to the business of the companyproviders of temporary and seasonal workers to food-based industry. The floor had to fit the overall contemporary interior design in white and gray.

The gray base, resembling the natural and light gray concrete, is the perfect background for the white and colored letters. Because the company's customers are young people, the wish of the interior designer and end customer was to create a place where young people would feel free and comfortable. To work with young people means to be modern, unique, and longing for adventure. This is what this floor is!

Micro-Finish Thin Smooth Overlay by Elite Crete Systems Inc. is used as a basic technique to complete the project. Transparent urethane sealer AUS-G by Elite Crete Systems Inc. is used as top layer to protect the surface. The project took five days to complete with a two-person crew.