The Hospital Virgin Mary, located in Vetren Village, Burgas, Bulgaria, was constructed by New Construction Group Ltd., Sofia, Bulgaria. The project took two months and a crew of four people to complete. The project was fully operational in November 2009.

Materials and techniques used:
Primer: Thin Finish, two layers
Intermediate layer: thin finish + micro finish, one layer
Main surface layer: micro finish, two layers
The last three layers were preliminary colored using Portion Colorant Control, color Desert Beige.
Geometrical figures: colored using Hydra Stone dye
Sealers: Epoxy UV resistant sealer for the first floor and AUS-G sealer for other floors
Wax: five layers
All materials are produced by Elite Crete Systems Inc.

Chapel, 1 floor
Primer: thin finish, one layer
Bonding layer: thin finish, one layer
Main surface layer: texture pave, one layer
Stencil: Old Granite Seamless
All materials are produced by Elite Crete Systems Inc.

Unique elements:
Guiding bilingual lines in different colors and white text were designed to help customers orientate easily in the building. Rectangulars with guiding bilingual text were situated in front of the elevators containing information about the location of each medical department. The color of each rectangular coincides with the color of the corresponding floor.