A hotel investor wished to change the look of the area around the hotel pool. The old ceramic tiles were removed and new concrete laid as a base for thin decorative overlays. The challenge for the contracting crew was to completely fulfill the four main requirements of the exterior designer:

  • Create an antislip surface
  • Use straight lines of strips that follow the shape of the pool
  • Gradate subtle color shades
  • Incorporate colored ovals and lines within the main color

Two basic techniques used to complete the project included:

  • Thin stamped overlay designed in two colors: chocolate brown and stripes of mint green
  • Splatter texture designed in gradating shades of green and blue as the main colors inside, where colored ovals in pink, brown, blue, and green were located

All materials used for this project are produced by Elite Crete Systems Inc. The project took 10 days to complete with a three-person crew.