Scheduling this project presented many challenges for the contractor, Ptaschinski Construction, Beaver Dam, Wis. Besides removing and replacing the 12,100 square yards, 1.5 lane miles, the project also included the installation of 3000 feet of storm sewer (much of it tunneled under existing utilities), colored and stamped concrete sidewalks and crosswalks, the installation of decorative lighting and a stop signal at one intersection, the removal and replacement of pavement around a railroad dual track crossing as well as storm sewer under the tracks, and proper handling and removal of petroleum-contaminated soils encountered in sewer trench excavations. Because the work was in the midst of a downtown business area, the contractor had to provide access to businesses, and crosswalks at all times. Another contractor hired by the city of Neenah had to relocate underground utilities that were in conflict with this project. The utility work had to be completed first and caused a three-week time delay for Ptaschinski's start. The schedule was very tight also. Construction was to start on May 17 and be completed by August 20 to coincide with the completion of a bridge construction at one end of the street, which was under contract to another contractor.

To facilitate traffic movement, Ptaschinski used a concrete mix with 846 pounds of portland cement (9-bag) so that the work could be open to traffic on the day after placement. They cast and broke cylinders each day to ensure the earliest opening time for traffic. And because the city liked the decorative concrete work, it increased both the number of colored concrete crosswalks and the amount of stamped concrete work, adding to the complexity of the job.

Ptaschinski completed the contract to the satisfaction of the city, meeting the basic time requirements.

  • Contractor: Ptaschinski Construction Company
  • Engineers: OMNNI Associates, Inc./Gremmer & Associates, Inc.
  • Sponsor: Wisconsin Department of Transportation
  • Owner: City of Neenah, Wisconsin

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