Standing out in the downtown Columbus skyline is what advertising agency Orange Barrel Media had in mind when it set out to build a new $6 million headquarters on the site of a former concrete plant.

The new office sits on 5 acres and is home to three existing concrete silos and a renovated 10,000-square-foot warehouse, now used for production shop space. Mahan Construction Co. added a new 10,000-square-foot addition and three 160-foot-tall concrete shafts to support a 120-foot-tall tower. The front side of the structure provides showpiece advertising space where Orange Barrel can showcase its work.

All three shafts were built simultaneously in 20-foot lifts. The two identical outer shafts are four-sided with an odd shape. The center shaft has a pentagon-shaped footprint. The shaft’s odd shapes accommodate the advertisement tower which sits between them.

Dimensionally Challenging

Mahan Construction used the EFCO Plate Girder system with its Guided Rail System Rollback Assemblies to construct the three 160-foot-tall concrete shafts on the new Orange Barrel Media Headquarters in Columbus, Ohio. The three shafts support a 120-foot-tall advertisement tower.

EFCO worked with Mahan to develop a form system that would strip and cycle efficiently on these difficult shaft shapes. EFCO designed flipper lock platforms to fit inside the dimensionally challenging shafts. The inside shaft forms were designed with small bias panels at specific inside chamfered corners which, when removed, allowed the inside shaft forms to be stripped and cycled.

In total, 992 cubic yards of concrete was placed. “It was difficult to maintain tolerances,” says Kevin Wiley, Mahan project manager. But in the end, the tower was a landmark success.