The diamond is the hardest substance known to man. Diamond saw blades can grind out-of-spec concrete flatwork to tolerance without causing any damage or lessening the structural integrity of the surface. They can also groove slabs to produce a skid-resistance texture, and have many repair applications.

In the diamond grinding process diamond saw blades are stacked together on one or more shafts. The water-cooled cutting assembly is mounted under a machine designed to precisely plane and level concrete. A vacuum pick-up bar removes the cutting residue and leaves the surface relatively clean and dry.


In recent years a considerable amount of diamond grinding has been done on the nation's Interstate Highway System. It is part of an overall concept called Concrete Pavement Restoration (CPR) and is a viable alternative to expensive overlays. CPR utilizes diamond grinding in conjunction with other techniques to cure individual causes of concrete pavement distress and simultaneously, to stop deterioration of the pavement.


Diamond grinding has found applications almost anywhere concrete appears. It has been used to bring dams, test tracks, and superflat floors into tolerance.