EDCO's Model CD-5 5-Head Scabbler uses either 5- or 9-point carbide bits to texturize or remove the surface of concrete. The air-powered scabbler uses 160 cfm at 100 psi to deliver 1200 hits/min. and is capable of treating up to 250 sq. ft./hr. The 5-point bit assemblies penetrate the surface up to ¼ in./pass, leaving a rough texture. They are recommended for breaking up blistered or spalling concrete, removing floor coatings, roughening the surface to create a bond for repairs or overlays, and general surface removal. The 9-point bits penetrate the surface up to 1/8 in./pass and leave a medium texture. They are recommended for creating a bonding texture for thin overlays of polymer concrete, epoxy, or urethane; leveling uneven joints; and removing the surface to repair spalled and deteriorated slabs. Other common applications include creating wheelchair access ramps, repairing sidewalk trip hazards, producing slip-resistant surfaces, and texturing parking garage ramps.

The CD-5 Scabbler is 44 in. long, 29 in. wide, 40 in. high, and weighs 278 lb. It features a 2-in. vacuum port for dust-free operation. www.edcoinc.com