Safety grooving of concrete floors in dairy barns helps farmers who might otherwise lose a good deal of time and money from the destruction of milk cows. Animals that slip on a barn floor may sustain such serious injuries that they must be slaughtered. Unfortunately, the animals that seem most susceptible to slipping and falling are heifers just starting to give milk. This means that the farmer has been making an investment in the cow for about 2 years and is just ready to begin getting production from her when the animal is lost.

When floors are wet, cows are almost as likely to fall as if walking on ice. Manure on the floors can also cause excessive slipperiness. Experience has shown that the trouble is eliminated by grooving the hardened concrete. Grooves are run in the same direction as the traffic in the alleys, and spacing between grooves should be somewhat comparable to the width of a cow's hoof.

The noise of cutting the grooves with gasoline-powered machines while the cows are in the barn does not seem to bother them. Cows are already accustomed to the noise of tractors used to scrape out the barn. A catalytic exhaust attachment on the grooving machine can be used to remove polluting exhaust emissions.