Hector International Airport, Fargo, N.D. Winner: Commercial Airports
Hector International Airport, Fargo, N.D. Winner: Commercial Airports

To allow reconstruction of Runway 18-36, the parallel taxiway was turned into a runway for the duration of the project. To do that without losing capacity at the airport required extensive planning and communication—for example, allowing the airlines to adjust their schedules to use smaller aircraft and more flights.

The 17-inch-thick plain concrete runway pavement panels are 25 feet square and doweled along the longitudinal joints. The asset value of the old runway was recovered by crushing it and using the aggregates in the 8-inch subbase and the 6-inch econocrete base. Shafer Contracting set up a portable double-drum concrete batch plant nearby. The 8-cubic-yards-per-minute plant dumped into end dump and Agitor trucks for the short haul. Being so close helped maintain a constant head of concrete in front of the slipform paver, eliminating starts and stops, and ultimately resulting in very smooth pavement.

The contractor used maturity monitoring to help maintain the project schedule. The contractor also used a specially fabricated, boom-mounted vibrator on a skidsteer during hand pours to reduce foot traffic on the concrete and to reduce the time required to place and finish it.

  • Contractor: Shafer Contracting Co., Inc.
  • Engineer: Ulteig Engineers
  • Owner: Fargo Municipal Airport Authority

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