Husqvarna's PG820 is designed for high productivity in industrial surface preparation and grinding. Its patented Dual Drive Technology allows the operator to adjust the satellite discs and the planetary head independently of each other, in the same direction or in opposite directions, with independent adjustment of speed and direction—on the fly. On most planetary machines, the speed for both the satellite discs and the planetary head is governed by a single control dial. The PG820's dual drive gives the operator adjustability to fine-tune the machine to suit any application.

A planetary machine operating in opposite direction rotation mode is less productive in heavy-duty applications (coating removal, scratch profiling, etc.) as the machine's perimeter grinds less aggressively than its inner zone. Same direction rotation transfers the active-cutting zone—typically found in the middle of the grinding pattern—to the perimeter of the machine, forcing the diamonds on the outside of the rotation into the cut. This provides a more balanced cut across the entire width, requiring less overlap between passes. The 970-lb. PG820 is powered by a 17-hp, 380/480-V, three-phase electric motor and features a 32-in. grinding width.