I-95, Darlington and Florence Counties, S.C. Winner: Divided Highways—Urban
I-95, Darlington and Florence Counties, S.C. Winner: Divided Highways—Urban

To help meet some of the limited access challenges that go along with reconstructing a busy urban freeway, the South Carolina DOT for the first time allowed use of a dowel bar inserter on this stretch of Interstate Highway 95. The Lane Company proposed the use of a DBI-equipped slipform paver instead of placing dowel baskets on grade ahead of the paver to allow the pavement subgrade to be used as a haul road. The DOT's concerns over consistent and reliable dowel bar positioning were addressed by using a new, German-made non-destructive testing device that quickly and accurately verifies dowel bar location. (See also page 59 of this issue.)

The project required the placement of 635,000 square yards of 11-inch-thick jointed plain concrete pavement over 25 months. Continuing wet subbase conditions, due to a wet fall season, and the need to stabilize a much greater portion of the subgrade than originally anticipated, led to additional work in the form of cement stabilization. The owner agreed to pay for the additional work in exchange for a revision to the contract's “No Excuse Incentive.” The change allowed Lane to still earn the full incentive, but to do so they would have to deliver the project 30 days earlier than originally scheduled, and they did.

Traffic control included splitting the traffic going in one direction such that one lane crossed the median and ran head-to-head with the oncoming traffic. That required development of effective signage, use of moveable barrier walls, and well-coordinated incident response.

  • Contractor: The Lane Construction Corp.
  • Owner/Engineer: South Carolina Department of Transportation

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