I-40, Eufala, Okla. Winner: Overlays
ACPA I-40, Eufala, Okla. Winner: Overlays

This project involved the construction of 51.3 lane miles of 10½-inch-thick concrete overlay on 9 existing inches of asphalt. The Interstate freeway was originally a full-depth asphalt construction, and due to heavy truck traffic it rutted considerably over time. Duit Construction, Edmond, Okla., won the contract to perform the overlay work. Because of the heavy traffic volume, more than 48,000 feet of precast median barrier was placed to separate head-to-head traffic. Shortly into the project, Duit discovered that an existing 10-foot-wide shoulder used as a traffic diversion pavement wasn't holding up, so Duit recommended the installation of a 6-inch-thick concrete shoulder. Because concrete turned out to be less expensive than an asphalt repair, it saved time and responded well to the traffic.

Using the existing asphalt roadway as the base, Duit milled the surface to flatten the roadway and in some cases added new asphalt to control concrete yield and provide a flat surface. The project was well received by the Oklahoma Department of Transportation, and Duit received the maximum money incentive for smoothness of ride.

  • Contractor: Duit Construction Co., Inc.
  • Owner/Engineer: Oklahoma Department of Transportation

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