The problem facing Lambert-St. Louis International Airport was that 6000 feet of the keel (center) section of its most critical runway was in dire need of repair. Airport authorities had hoped to have the new expansion runway open before addressing the needs of 12L-30R but realized this would not be an acceptable option.

The scope of the original project was to rotomill the center 50 feet of the runway section, removing the 10-inch overlay and saving the 14-inch concrete pavement beneath, while salvaging and modifying the existing electrical components, and then replacing the section with a new concrete overlay in four 54-hour weekend closures. Afterward, Millstone Bangert proposed an alternate section that removed all existing pavement and aggregate base and replaced it with 6 inches of cement-treated base and 22 inches of plain concrete pavement. This alternate also included replacing the existing electrical components with new, providing additional value to the runway.

With the additional work the project required six weekend closures, with overlapping activities throughout. During the heaviest periods of activity, removal, grading, electrical can installation, and CTB placement were all ongoing simultaneously in a 2000x25-foot area. In the end, detailed scheduling and continuous communication were primary factors in the success of this project.

  • Contractor: Millstone Bangert, Inc.
  • Engineer: Crawford, Murphy & Tilly, Inc.
  • Const. Mgmt. Engr: CRD & Associates, Inc.
  • Owner: Lambert-St. Louis International Airport

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