The project looks like a typical small paving operation--about ten men placing a concrete slab with a vibrator attached to a simple wood screed. But it isn't all that typical and not all that small. When the work is completed, about 15,000 cubic yards of concrete will have been used to build streets, sidewalks and parking areas on the grounds of the Kansas State Penitentiary. Selected inmates are given on-the-job training to do the work. Inmates who are allowed to do this concrete work are selected because they have demonstrated good work habits. Classified as minimum security, they live in fenced-in dormitories outside "the wall" and maximum security cell blocks. Before construction began, training sessions were conducted for the prison inmates who would be doing the work. They were shown a film on the basics of concrete and taught procedures: how to use a screed, why and how to cure the concrete, how to finish it and how to install construction joints.