Saved! At least through May 31, 2015
The Highway Trust Fund is not going broke after all, thanks to a grudging, 11th-hour save by Congress. But pensions will be affected to make it happen.

Panama Airport Expansion Project
Airport project included expanding the passenger terminal by 224,200 square feet, and updating boarding bridges, escalators, baggage processing, and flight control systems.

Bridges of Distinction
Decorative concrete bridges preserve communities’ cultural identities. Oregon has replaced 271 highway bridges since 2003.

Precision in Concrete Paving
To ensure a high load-bearing capacity and long service life together with perfect surface evenness and skid resistance of the road surface in the expansion of a German motorway, the contractor elected to make use of the advantages of concrete surfacing.

Testing Strategies for Pavement Mix Development
Thermal profile testing can greatly reduce the time needed to optimize a mix.

Product Spotlight: Curb and Gutter Machines
The 2014 Road Building issue of Concrete Construction featured curb and gutter machines.