Highway 60 Alton Bypass Sioux County, Iowa Winner: Divided Highways—Rural
Highway 60 Alton Bypass Sioux County, Iowa Winner: Divided Highways—Rural

By setting a pre-project goal of achieving Iowa's trial zero-band specification, then being considered for adoption, Cedar Valley Corp. placed 21.5 lane miles of mainline paving with an average of 1.4 inches per mile and no required corrective work. The company used ¼-inch polycoated cable, instead of conventional stringline, and a very workable, paver-friendly mix that required little finishing. Batching the concrete onsite, combined with a structured and consistent monitoring program, enabled excellent concrete consistency throughout the project, for which Cedar Valley achieved maximum incentive payments.

The company planned its daily production levels to start and stop its mainline paving pours at the nine bridges on the project, which were being built under separate contracts. That eliminated the need for day's end headers and corrective work, contributing to the overall smoothness.

The project also required construction of a 29.5-foot fill over an old concrete box culvert. Using lightweight Geofoam fill and geomembrane liners facilitated a rapid construction sequence that protected the structure and saved a considerable amount of money.

  • Contractor: Cedar Valley Corporation
  • Owner/Engineer: Iowa Department of Transportation

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