The MP 6000 from SPE-USA is a ride-on multipurpose preparation unit designed to perform the most demanding surface preparation tasks cost-effectively, including such large-scale applications as roads, bridge decks, airports, and parking lots.

The drive unit has a 3.3-litre, 72-hp Perkins diesel engine power source and an onboard twin-fan dust collection system. The MP 6000 drive unit can be fitted with shotblasting (MPB 500), planing (MPP 500), grinding (MPG 700) and stripping (MPS 600) attachments.

The MP 6000 has a single speed/steer control lever with a travel speed range of 0 to 177 ft./ min. A hydrostatic high-torque drive system allows the machine to turn easily on its axis. The unit is laser guided to maintain accuracy throughout its operation.