Terrco Inc.'s Model 6200 is its largest, heaviest, and most powerful grinder/polisher—making it the most efficient for projects more than 20,000 sq ft. Powered by a 40-hp, 460-V, three-phase electric motor with variable-speed drive, the 6200 is 80 in. long and 56 in. wide, and its cutting width spans 5 3½ in. The 2360-lb. machine accommodates 10 additional 42-lb. pocket weights to control grinding pressure, but it is easily maneuverable by a single operator.

With four vacuum ports and a stainless steel water tank, the unit is adaptable for wet or dry operation. It accepts widely various cutting tools depending on the application and desired results. Polycrystalline diamond shark teeth cutters are used to remove thick coatings such as trowel downs, slurries, and thinset. Blue bond epoxy cutters have an increased diamond concentration to last longer when removing thin mil coatings such as thin film epoxy, carpet glue, and mastics. Finer-grit diamond pads can be used for polishing concrete or terrazzo. Depending on the application, removal rates range from 1500 to 2500 sq. ft./hour. www.terrco.com