The task of holding up the immense concrete blocks that will serve as the bases for the posts that will hold up the legs of the Champlain Bridge will be done by Thor the Ant. The immense machine was named after 10- and 11-year old children and has 20 of the same type of wheels used by 747 jets.

Seventy-four footings will comprise the bridge with 38 of them being constructed on site at the St. Lawrence River on the Nuns’ Island side:

Starting next month, Thor will move the footings onto massive catamarans from which they’ll be lowered into the spots where crews have dug foundations for them at the bottom of the river.

The 36 other footings will be made by pouring concrete directly into foundations in the river bed. It’s expected by the end of summer, all the footings will be in place so crews can start assembling the posts.

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