Project Details

Project Location: Berkeley, Calif
Contractor: Bay Area Concretes Inc., Livermore, Calif.
Artchitect/designer: Moore Ruble Yudell
General contractor: McCarthy Building Companies
Amount of polished concrete: 18,770 square feet
Size of building/project: 64,800 square feet

Eshleman Hall is only a portion of the entire Lower Sproul Redevelopment project which showcases an array of polished concrete. As a whole, this project spans the board with finishes ranging from no aggregate exposure to large aggregate exposure, and it even includes a polishable concrete topping (PCT). However, Eshleman Hall in particular is unique because of the heavy grinding the existing concrete slab underwent in order to display the mix design's beautiful matrix of natural rock. The photographed lobby area was then polished to a medium level gloss, giving it just the right amount of light reflectivity from the tall windows that outline the building.