Johnny McGuire's is a deli in Las Vegas that Floor Season Inc., North Las Vegas, Nev., was contracted to do in Las Vegas in May 2009. The overall design of the floor was a collaboration between the owner, the designer, and Floor Seasons. The owner wanted the design to have an urban, warehouse, X Games feel. Some of the sandwiches on the menu, such as the Buddha, the 220-B, and the fatty, also are reflected in the design. After the final design was approved, it took a crew of two artists approximately four days to finish the project.

The first step was grinding the floor with a 4-inch diamond blade dustless grinder setup. Floor Seasons chose to do the art freehand rather than with stencils to give it a more urban feel. The crew used a 4-inch diamond blade and an angle grinder to sawcut the designs into the floor. Then the floor was sterilized and acid stain color was applied with chip brushes. Many different stain colors were used, most of which came from Kemiko Concrete Stains. The stains were allowed to dry thoroughly before the residue was removed with baking soda and water, which neutralize the acid. To accent the acid stains, an airbrush was used to apply Scofield Lithochrome Tintura Stains. The artwork was allowed to dry for several hours before a coat of acetone-based sealer was applied.

After the sealer dried, custom lipstick red grout was applied to the sawcuts to comply with health department regulations as well to give the artwork a highlighted border and pinstriped look. After residuing the extra grout from the floor, another coat of sealer was applied to seal the grout and give the floor a durable finish. When it was dry, four coats of commercial grade wax were applied to complete the project.