Kansas State University is the oldest public university in the state. Known for its Division I football program, the coveted purple and white "PowerCat" symbols are well-known throughout the country. Bill Snyder's Family Stadium (named after the head coach) holds boxed seats, including a Presidential Suite.

Using a Husqvarna grinding machine, ACS polished the concrete of the boxed seat area, first with a 20-grit metal, then 60-grit. Then, while using a 120-grit metal, the crew also grouted the floor. ACS laid out the stencil of K-State's PowerCat, and stained the exposed area. The crew polished up to a 3000-grit finish.

ACS used Scofield Formula One Dye, Densifier, and Guard. The finished project will be admired (if not trampled upon) by millions.