Boastsing 44 activities-including a large play web, telescopes, and talk tubes, the Kidsville Playground features a natural theme, anchored by a realistic 20-foot-tall treehouse. Push a button in the playhouse, and a bird song can be heard. Up in the treehouse, another button will activate the interactive sound of a squirrel chattering. Walk across the bridge and it creaks. Solar cells on the clubhouse and treehouse roofs provide the power for the sound system.

It took a creative team of eight artists and sculptors six weeks to complete the Kidsville project, using materials such as: steel, concrete, glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC), concrete stain, and environmentally friendly water-based paints. Cre8Play’s extensive experience and abilities, as well as the contractor's attention to the smallest detail, created a truly custom product.

The stamping and texturing was taken a step further than the rest by using indigenous rock and tree bark samples obtained from each specific site to create natural and accurate color-matched textures in the concrete.