Phase 1 of a 325,000 square foot project was recently completed in the winter of 2010. The Arts?Center consists of a state-of-the-art auditorium seating 850, and wings of classrooms for the music and fine arts programs. The 51,000 square foot building also houses the locker rooms for the new athletic fields including a synthetic turf field, for the Kingswood middle and high schools.

The project has been designed and constructed with forward-looking technology and energy conservation in mind. It is eligible for "CHPS" (Collaborative for High Performance Schools) certification. The building and entire campus will be heated and cooled geothermally, utilizing 300 bore holes located under the athletic fields. Natural day lighting was designed throughout along with electrical lighting dimmed according to the natural light at any particular time. Innovative waste water technologies incorporated rain water collection and storage systems to irrigate fields and supply low flow toilets and urinals. To maximize energy efficiency, energy recovery units and an extremely tight building were employed. Equally important was the health of the students, so co detectors monitoring air quality that adjust ventilation to meet the actual student count in a room were included and function extremely efficient for such a large space.

Polished stained concrete was used throughout the new building not only for its design aesthetic, but also as part of the solution for the CHPS program, modeled after LEED. The polished concrete creates a modern look fitting with the rest of the building design. By using the Bomanite coloration system, the polished concrete has the look of an expensive custom floor. The polish reacts with the concrete locking in the color, a one-time application with a lifetime of color and without the worry of contaminants seeping in. With the constant foot traffic of students and visitors, the floor solution had to be safe and durable as well as beautiful. The polished concrete stands up to the abuse by students and offers resistance to snow, water, oil, and dust tracked in from the exterior. It was chosen for its regular low maintenance, eliminating the use of stripping chemicals and wax that could increase the hazardous VOC levels endangering occupants. From the application through regular cleaning, the system remains non-toxic and environmentally friendly. The surface is easy to clean, perfect for the art classrooms where spills can easily happen. As a result, the time and money spent on labor and materials to keep the floor in top shape is drastically reduced allowing the school to spend money on other needs.

With the addition of the multipurpose building, a true campus plan has evolved which will have an emphasis on pedestrian travel and access.

Contractor: CMK Architects, P.A.