The homeowners were hoping to upgrade their 25-year-old pool surround and concrete patio with a product that would be both decorative and durable. There had been ice damage to the existing concrete coping from high water levels and poor drainage all around the pool, which also caused settling of the existing concrete. This settling caused an unevenness in the surface, leading to a tripping hazard, as well as unsightly cracks.

Rather than demolish the existing pool deck and patio, Unique Concrete resurfaced it using its cast-in-place concrete tile system. Unique began by reproducing the look of the existing coping to complete the repair. Then 1 1/2-inch coping was poured on top of the original. The homeowner chose to have the coping a slightly darker color than the rest of the pool deck and patio. Next, a heavily reinforced, unbonded concrete structural slab was poured and finished with Unique Concrete's concrete tile, and the impressions that define the pattern were grouted. The surface was textured with a knockdown finish to establish peaks and valleys that would minimize heat transmission to bare feet on hot days and provide a slip-resistant surface. The entire surface was rubbed with a grindstone to eliminate any sharp edges that would be uncomfortable for barefoot traffic.

The homeowner, J.W., wanted a focal point constructed where the old diving board was located, and designed a shear descent waterfall constructed and faced with cultured stone. The addition of the waterfall helped to mask the noise of a busy street that was adjacent to the property. This feature also hid the electrical junction box for the pool light, as well as a functioned as a seat.

The drainage problem was controlled by installing a French drain. The raised planting area was contained with a decorative concrete curb.

The structural slab was reinforced with a combination of steel and 2 1/4-inch structural synthetic fibers. The integrally colored cast-in-place concrete tile was reinforced with PVA structural synthetic fibers. Unique Concrete also add an internal water repellent to its mix to further strengthen the product and help it resist the destructive forces of water in a freeze/thaw climate.

The patio area, while in relatively good structural shape, with a few minor cracks, was in need of a facelift. The white zip strips were unsightly, so Unique Concrete disguised them with a brick row lock to turn them into a decorative feature. The contractor also added poured concrete steps coming out of the house to replace the wooden ones. To correct the pitch on the patio, the depth of the pour ranged from an 1 1/2 to 3 inches.

Unique Concrete's resurfacing process and new construction process have the same finished look. The difference comes in the additional reinforcement required in the structural slab for resurfacing applications. The process uses the old cookie cutter style of stamping tools. This creates individual units that not only have a more realistic look than stamped concrete finished with mats, but also essentially create a geometrically crack control system. It is similar to the look of a traditional concrete paver wet laid over a structural slab, only difference being, it is guaranteed to never delaminate.