The Long Beach Rescue Mission project’s chapel floor required removal of mastic glue and a stained and polished concrete installation before reinstalling the pews.

Red color shake was set deep in the slab. However, the color choice for the mission was walnut. So Brite Los Angeles Concrete Polishing used 16-20 metal diamonds wet to cut deep for the removal. It was a long and messy process. Most of the color was removed and the other areas were light enough to blend and cover.

The So Brite crew continued with 30-40, 60-80, and 120 metals with full weights on the STI 3030 Prep/Master grinder/polisher from Substrate Technology Inc., and continued with 50-200 transitional to apply multiple coats of Ameripolish walnut water-based stain dye. They then densified twice, polished up with 400-800, and applied two thin coats of Prosoco Guard.