The homeowners were interested in creating a larger entertaining area in their backyard.  They were looking for something decorative, as well as something more durable and easier to maintain than pavers.  They became interested in our product because we offered them the opportunity to upgrade their deck in a cost effective manner and establish a continuous appearance over all three levels of the project.

Our first order of business was to confirm that the deck could handle the additional weight of the concrete.  We inspected the ledger, joists, girder, and footings and deemed them structurally sound enough to support approximately 2" of concrete.  This concrete was reinforced with 2 ¼" structural synthetic fibers and 6x6, 10 gauge wire mesh.  We imprinted the concrete with a pattern to emulate a concrete tile, embossed the surface to provide slip resistance, and grouted all of the impressions.  This process creates a cast-in-place concrete tile unique to each job and stronger than most other processes.