In February 2011, Amino Brothers Co. Inc. was awarded the first phase of the Main Street Revitalization Project in the City of Grandview, Mo.

This project required the use of four stamping patterns, four different colors, and antique agents to meet project specifications as well as all surounding gray concrete.

The colors required included limestone, brownstone, artisan tile, and gunmetal gray. The stamps used were Old Brick Herringbone, Old Brick Basketweave, Linear ADA, and European Fan. A 10-person crew was used for the concrete placement. All pavement concrete required epoxy dowel basket assemblies, as well as keyway and tie bars.

With all of the different patterns and colors, phasing these pours required stategic planning for the installations. The contract was for 180 calender days to commence between March 1 and March 30, 2011. Work began on March 15, 2011 and was opened to unresticted traffic on August 21, 2011.