This foyer entry floor started off as tongue-and-groove plywood. The client wondered if it was possible to pour concrete and design a pattern.

"No problem," says entrant Fernando Franco. 

He first stapled down a vapor barrier, then stapled metal lath, using 25 staples per square foot. Then he chose Duraamen Paraam 5500 and poured it 1 inch thick in order to meet flush with the adjacent rooms. Before pouring, he caulked all the edges to make sure no concrete seeped to the loft below.

Yet even with all the precautionary steps taken, he still had a small seepage below into "Friends" actor David Schwimmer's apartment.

He applied multiple coats of Duraamen Sgraffino with a colorfast pigment, whose undiluted iron oxide grains gave it more character. He chalked out the design, which was copied from a Mapquest shot of the project's location. Then he engraved the roads and stained the highways, and all the sawcuts were then grouted in. He used a star stencil and used Skimstone in Minoan Red, giving it an embossed feature. The whole floor was sealed with a matte finish water-based acrylic.

"The end result is a conversation piece that greets anyone when invited in," Franco says.