This custom structure was built for a client ON-CRETE concepts did previous overlay work for. He wanted a water feature in his back patio area and all he had to start the structure with was some old cinder block and asked if our company could make it look "old world" and look like its been there for awhile.

We responded with "absolutely." The customer then made a rather odd request and asked if I could "plan to proceed without a plan." Once again my answer "absolutely." Once onsite I finally figured what he meant. If I was to put to much thought into the decorative part of this, it would look fabricated and not like nature took its course. So planning with no plan, I proceeded to coat this structure into how it stands today.

The material I chose to use was manufactured by Color Crown Corp. (Stardek) along with Sure-Crete Eco-Stain, and CTI's Aliphatic Urethane Sealer to resist the constant water flow.

I proceeded with a gray basecoat to act as a mortar line once the "bricks" were carved out. Second coat was random areas of a base red for the texture of the bricks, then once it flashed I handcarved each individual brick. Once cured, I taped off a "broken plaster" look to it to "age" it, then masked off the brick portions and used a thin overlay mix to make a skip trowel old world texture on the entire structure. Once cured, I removed the protected brick and used multicolored eco-stain to handstain with brushes and sponges each brick and also the main texture (skip trowel) parts. 

The inside where the water was to pond, I used a lot of earth tones along with a heavier skip trowel look to obtain what was to mimic the bottom of a pond floor.

Once all was totally cured out, the whole project was sealed using an aliphatic urathene dulled to a flat finish to keep from looking shiny and new.

The owner was thrilled with what I accomplished and it stands as a show piece in his back patio area that we always proudly refer people to go see our work.

The decorative part of the project took 45 hours to complete with one person.