The Meadows School in Las Vegas, NV is a private pre-K through 12th grade college preparatory school. Crisci Builders was selected as the general contractor for its new Athletic Complex designed by Lucchesi, Galati Architects, Inc. which included a new gymnasium and the Hall of Athletes to recognize their students’ athletic achievements. The initial plans called for a standard concrete floor with integral color. During our meeting with the architect and general contractor, we recommended polishing the concrete and after they visited some of our other projects, they elected to go with a polished concrete floor.

As part of the complex, the architect’s design included the school logo and circle that also recognized those who had donated to the complex to be done at the entry to the facility. The total area is approximately 2,500 square feet and was poured with integral colored concrete. The circle itself is approximately 15 feet in diameter. One of our eight-man pour crews poured the slab and the slab was allowed to cure for 28 days. Next, four members of our decorative concrete team started their work on polishing the floor up to the desired gloss level. A lithium densifier was used to harden the concrete. We then used a high-speed propane burnisher for the final step.

The logo, circle and names were done using a micro top system by Mapei by two other members of our decorative concrete team. We recommended that micro topping be used for the names. As additional names are to be added in the future, the micro topping will be less invasive. First, the circle and lines were saw cut by hand. A stencil was then created and laid out which exposed the areas to receive the microtopping. Next, the area was sandblasted to allow for good adhesion of the micro topping. The pigmented microtopping was then troweled on using two coats (a rough coat and a smooth coat) to the architect’s specifications and color selections.Some of the challenges on the project were the polishing of the steps and the handicap ramp. Both the risers and the landings of the stairs were polished by hand and had to match the finish of the rest of the floor. The handicap ramp was also carefully polished to ensure that the necessary coefficient of friction was met.

The school and the general contractor were very pleased with the final product and we are confident the student body will enjoy it for years to come.