Renovations of the MedAmerica Billing Services office in Modesto, Calif., by Concrete by Hallack, Turlock, Calif., began with the removal of the tile and carpet flooring. The floor was scarified, and the thin set and glue were removed. All cracks were filled with a membrane, which was topped with a self-adhesive fabric. Two layers of a 50-50 liquid catalytic were applied, and a handmade 4 x 4-foot tile mosaic made in Mexico was placed in the center of the lobby. Miracote Mirastamp was placed at 1/2 inch, using large seamless skins to create a soft pattern.

Additional 4 x 4-foot squares were sawcut into the floor to add accents, and the sawcuts were filled with a dark brown tile grout. The floor was colored with Miracote Mirastain II, and three layers of Miracote Miraepoxy were applied to seal and protect the floor. A baseboard with a walnut stain color was also installed.

To renovate the 30-foot Formica reception desk, Concrete by Hallack first sanded the surfaces, then applied a primer and self-adhesive fabric. This was followed by one application of repair mortar 3, one application of Miracote MPC with adobe color, one application of MPC and smooth white (50-50), plus diluted adobe sand color, and one application of smooth finish. The surfaces were lightly sanded in between every application. The countertops were finished with a dark walnut stain, while the faces and sides of the desk were finished with diluted adobe colored Mirastain II using a soft brush and sponge.