As a turn-key concrete contractor, Kent Companies was hired by Rockford Construction to install 180,000 square feet of interior floor with 140,000 square feet polished for the new Meijer store in Stevensville, Michigan. This LEED-certified project marked Meijer’s continuing commitment to green building as a leading national big-box retailer.

This was the first new Meijer store to receive a Class B “salt and pepper” concrete polish finish. Previous stores utilized a Class A, cream concrete polish or VCT, finish. From the early planning stages and through installation, the collaboration and teamwork between Kent Companies, Rockford Construction, Meijer and the architect, Fishbeck, Thompson Carr & Huber, guaranteed a very successful outcome to this floor project.

In particular, Kent’s concrete finishing crews went far above the required FF of 50 and FL of 35, achieving overall averages of 75.35 for FF and 50.82 for FL. The specified gloss level was a 45 average, with a ceiling of 70 averages. Kent’s polishing crews achieved averages consistently in the high 60’s. These results helped guarantee an attractive and durable floor.

Several innovative techniques and designs were used on this project that make it unique for big-box retail construction and stand-out among Meijer’s competition.

Innovative Design:
• 3,500 psi concrete was utilized and all slabs were 5” thick.
• Box joints at columns were eliminated.
• Polished areas were installed in three concrete pours within a one week time frame.
• BASF’s Glenium 7500 non-chloride water reducing admixture was used for faster setting and early age compressive strengths.
• A special large aggregate mix was used to minimize curl at construction and control joints.
Innovative Techniques and Products:
• Dry polishing process was utilized with HTC 800 classics and Pullman Erminator 8600 vacuum systems. Due to the very low noise and the absence of any airborne dust or slurry water, the polishing was done during normal hours alongside other trades.
• HTC EZchange six tool block holders were used to utilize diamond tooling combinations that eliminated initial scratch patterns quickly and completely.
• Because the concrete gained strength quickly after placement, the polishing process started after ten days of curing, allowing a twenty day jump in the schedule.
• An in-house special structural epoxy repair mortar was used to repair the only two cracks that appeared in the slab. Repairs were unnoticeable.
• Full depth Versa Flex SL 75 poly urea joints were installed after 45 days of curing to eliminate shrinkage cracking.
• Dry bar soap was used as bond-breaker along joints to greatly reduce bond breaker residues and eliminate edge stains.
• Prosoco LS Guard was installed after the joints were filled to eliminate “blushing” of the product at edges.
• Other trades were taught to use Prosoco oil and stain remover placed in a central location at the site. During construction two scissor lifts blew hydraulic oil lines, but because the oil and stain remover was used in an emergency sequence, there were zero oil stains on entire project.

Contractor:  Kent Companies Inc.