The clients for this project once lived in Mexico. Artist Candace Hixon worked closely with them to create a bathroom that reminded them of their former home. There was no general contractor for the project; the homeowner did the plumbing and prepwork, a cabinetmaker installed the cabinets, and Hixon did the design, tile, and concrete work.

The clients' former home had an outdoor shower, so the shower in the new bathroom does not have a door. The countertop and sink were made from a Buddy Rhodes mix with added sand and seashells. The shower was done with a microtopping from Boulder Image called Techstone. The product was integrally colored, but a light acid stain also was added to it at the end. The shell designs were cast from Colormaker Scraffion using Hixon's own molds. When all of the shells were cast, Hixon placed them with thinset, then placed microtopping around them like grout. The walls were wet ground after the microtopping was dry, then sealed. For added effect, she installed cut down clay roof tiles over the fake beams around the perimeter of the bathroom to make it feel more like the outdoors.