Chief of Police, Anthony Pesare, while finalizing the plans for the new police headquarters in Middletown, R.I., had an inspiring idea. He wanted to incorporate the NLEOMF "Rose & Shield" logo, the seal of Middletown, and the town police badge logo into a Memorial Walkway. "Recognize the sacrifice others have made in order to assure our future," he said.

Cherokee Construction Inc. was awarded the contract for the project. A large group of stencils were tested and one group was chosen for the project.

Concrete was poured using four steps: exposed aggregate (color base), stamped concrete (color base and antique released), five diamond shaped areas were steel trowel finished (color base) to receive stencils of logos, and an outer walk broom finished with polished wet cuts to tie in the walk and entrance.

Concrete was allowed to cure. A tent was erected to protect work from the elements. Logo diamond-shaped areas were acid etched, neutralized, and moisture tested. Stencils were aligned and burnished to the surface, acid etched, neutralized, moisture tested, and reburnished. Stencils were then painted corresponding logo colors (concrete paint), allowed to dry and stencils removed. Two coats of high-quality sealer were applied to the surface and on June 25, 2010 the final coat of sealer was applied and the project was complete.