The SSI team is never afraid of a challenge, so when one of our clients asked for 30 concrete countertops to be placed on the roof top of their building SSI said no problem. The Montego Building consists of 11 individual high end, unique and custom built condominiums. The developer spared no costs for these gorgeous homes, so we knew our countertops needed to make a statement for the rooftop entertainment area.

The Montego Project was a new challenge to us, generally the challenge comes in the creation of the project, not the case here. The design, pour and finish of the countertops went extremely smooth. The challenge came with the install, getting 30 individual counters 300 feet of concrete on the roof top of a four story building. This is where the light weight material GFRC was helpful. If we had used standard concrete we would have had about 500 more pounds to maneuver. Having a lighter material, proper planning and a great crew made this install come off without a hitch.

The finish product shows two beautiful BBQ areas, outdoor dining areas, with two large viewing bars to enjoy the beach and sunset ocean view from the four-story building.