This project began like most other Lagoon pool projects that are submitted to us to participate in, to do all of the rock work, as a line drawing plan. It seems it is our job here at Arizona Falls to bring that to life and create something truly unique for the client.

In my first meeting, I realized they were certainly not the average homeowners. Mr. Murphy and I got into a conversation that ultimately resulted in a redesign of his waterfall area to include, a giant skull, which has become the center piece of this design. He wanted a way to showcase some of his knowledge of LED lighting and enjoyed my artistic ability to give him a skull that he could enjoy for years to come. I feel getting the right proportion in this skull is a key to having it look so realistic. I accomplished this by “upscaling” a real skull. Though this is the stand out element that makes this project so unique, it is how it seems to fit so well with the rest of the work that we did.

In addition to the skull, we included a grotto waterfall and some waterline rock around the pool and spa to create that full lagoon pool. I even put in a “cup holder” for Mrs. Murphy to use in what she said was going to be her favorite area of the pool. We were also called upon to make the built-in swim up kitchen area blend in well with the surrounding pool. I used all of my decorative concrete knowledge to make one-of-a-kind countertops. These countertops were built using the Ashby System and Maximizer Light weight concrete. We did not add any color to the concrete integrally. I did sprinkle some white cementitious color in the forms before pouring. After removing the slabs from the forms, we rub in black grout in the voids created by the Ashby system. Then we added some rust color and black color into the lacquer sealer to create some more modeling effects. Last these tops were sealed with a urethane. The colors worked well with the artificial rock work around the pool and skull!

This project did take the better part of a year to finish, but that was due to the pool builders scheduling issues. The homeowners told me they wanted a backyard that made them feel they were on “vacation” without having to leave home and as you can see, that is what they got!