A project of impressive proportions, objectives and style, for one of Australia’s most iconic and longstanding brands. Pro Grind Australia was engaged to deliver the largest Australian commercial installation of mechanically polished concrete in the $175 mil building project. An installation that would truly deliver on its promise of innovation, cost savings and environmental sustainability, as well as make an overwhelming contribution to the sharp and prestigious design of the building’s internal ambience.

Cost savings, innovation and environmental sustainability are inherent in the Pro Grind MPC offering. Moving away from short term, high maintenance and eco damaging flooring solutions such as coatings and laminates, Pro Grind’s mechanically polished concrete (MPC) was selected for its high performing, low maintenance, life cycle cost and longevity advantages. For a sleek, timeless look, minimal exposure with a low gloss finish was chosen for the 11,000m2 area.

Delivery and product solutions ensured all deadlines and cost initiatives were achieved. Carrying out the works early in the building process ensured all trades had total access to the floor during and after works were completed, with no requirement for rework on completion. Flexibility and cost savings were further enhanced through the superior benefits of Pro Grind’s MPC and application process. Unlike many other polished concrete products, Pro Grind’s MPC is not a coating. No join or lap marks develop during installation, drying times are minimal, enabling operators flexibility to work around other trades without compromise to floor outcomes minimising costly downtime with instantly trafficable floors. Our unique technologies and process of dry and dustless grinding combining same direction rotation for high polishing capacity and thorough scratch profiling, creates a product that will outlast, outperform and outshine other flooring options whilst contributing to a healthy and safe operating environment.

The implementation of Pro Grind’s unique advanced capillary crystallization process further enhances the high abrasion and stain resistant properties of the floor. Whilst surface reflectivity profiling ensures the project is completed to the specified levels without compromise.

Delivering a high performance concrete floor with low environmental impact has earned Pro Grind’s MPC the full five credits on the Green Star rating. Product environmental benefits include the harnessing of thermal mass properties of the existing concrete, no extra product installation cost or wastage involved as substrate is primary flooring source, reduced lighting costs due to reflective surfaces further creating synergies between natural lighting afforded in design of building, no petrochemicals and low VOC emissions. Recycled dust waste was used to fill holes in slab, creating a totally sealed, flat and pore free surface. The once- off lifecycle application, combined with low initial production materials and waste keeps landfill contributions to an absolute minimum.

Clean, modern architectural design combined with Pro Grind’s MPC, have created an almost unencumbered feeling of space and movement, facilitating free flowing conversation and connection for the employees in the ten story building. With a floor that through the implementation of innovative technology and processes will deliver on its promise of absolute performance, enhancing employee and customer experience of the iconic brand.

Contractor: Pro Grind Australia