This project by Unique Concrete, West Milford, N.J., was constructed to support a very large motor home. The slab is 6 inches thick x 56 feet long x 23 feet wide, and was constructed to hide sawcuts. This was accomplished by first pouring a heavily reinforced structural slab with 2 1/4-inch synthetic fibers from Forte Carbon Fiber Products. Half-inch rebar was spaced on 3-foot centers. Sawcuts were isolated and the structural slab was covered with integrally-colored concrete embossed with a knockdown texture and an interlocking octagon and square pattern. The impressions that form the pattern were grouted with a complementary tan color. The result was cast-in-place concrete tiles that would not come apart. The red integrally-colored concrete border was poured first, and one day later the infield of octagons was poured.

Because the carport area will also be used as a patio, the surface was ground to remove any sharp edges that would be uncomfortable for bare feet, as well as to give it a more variegated appearance.

Unique Concrete's stamp mix used structural synthetic fibers from Nycon and Forte, along with internal waterproofers from Anti-Hydro International Inc. Integral colors were purchased from Lanxess. The imprinting tools and textured rollers were custom-made by Unique Concrete. The crew size was four people.