Nick’s Riverside Café and Tony & Joe's are two premier restaurants in Georgetown. Both are adjacent to the waterfront, with newly rebuilt outdoor bars that complement the reconstructed central plaza they surround. The plaza’s large water feature converts to an ice skating rink. The restaurant owners asked Hyde Concrete to come up with a solution that would better serve their chilly clients visiting the plaza during the winter.

Hyde Concrete proposed to heat the surface of the bars using radiant heating technology. The pieces were precast and polished to accommodate the design, tight build schedule, and outdoor use.

Each of the two bars was fabricated in five sections with integral drink rails and electric radiant wiring pre-installed. The radiant wires required a minimum of 1½ inches of cover over the wires, so each piece was cast at 2½ inches thick. The average weight of each piece was 350 pounds. Hyde used their own countertop concrete mix (high strength with a pozzolan) for the casting. Each piece was then polished and densified to 1500 grit and sealed with a siloxane sealer.

Each restaurant now has a stunning and contemporary solid concrete bartop with an inverted curve at the front edge. In the winter, the top is heated to provide additional comfort to patrons visiting the adjacent ice skating rink. The owners, bartenders, and clients all rave about the bar!