Innovation Winner

Final Finish used the RetroPlate system to polish more than 250 individual precast pieces for this chiller plant construction project. Each piece was unique, with different angles, sizes, and openings creating extreme grinding and polishing challenges.

The precast wall panels reflect natural light during the day and illuminated light at night, enhanced by their polished exterior. Dichoric glass fins were set in the panels to convey a sense of motion as the colors change from the movement of the sun. The openings in the panels frame views of the chiller equipment inside.

RetroPlate was selected by the owner and architect to create a more durable surface, helping with weather resistance and the longevity of the polish. Final Finish diamond-ground, polished, and densified the panels at the precast yard over the course of a year, even in below freezing temperatures and heat up to 110 degrees F. The panels were then taken to the project and set in place.

A prominent and very visible campus structure, the sustainable building is slated for LEED certification.