The Ozinga Architectural Products Design Center table displays, in an innovative and colorful manner, many of the different ways concrete can be utilized architecturally.

The legs of the table were poured in place with self-consolidating concrete (SCC). Concrete countertop mix pigmented with iron oxide from Concrete Earth was poured into the custom-built mold. Once set, the whole assembly was flipped onto the SCC table legs. Pouring the tabletop adjacent to the final location saved time and cut costs.

The countertop was polished with Ecoguard from Concrete Earth and features a display of polyaspartic floor systems, concrete stains and dyes, pigment and integral color options, and cement-based pavers. Ozinga's Filtercrete pervious concrete is also displayed, demonstrating its permeability via a unique water feature that showcases model concrete mixers dumping water through the pervious concrete.

Many visitors have been surprised by the unique use of concrete as a countertop.