This project involved a 30-year-old pool that had old, dated wide white metal coping and large areas of concrete that had cracked and settled over the years. The homeowners were looking to update their pool area in a cost-effective way with a product that was both decorative and durable. Unique Concrete considered these areas to be structurally sound enough to support the additional weight of its heavily reinforced, integrally colored cast-in-place concrete tile product.

After determining that the existing metal coping and pool shoulder could support the addition of the company's concrete coping, the skimmers, ladders, and grab rails were raised to a height that corresponded with the new surface plane. This was based on 1/4-inch pitch generating from the new coping height. The relationship with the water surface was changed by only 1 1/2 inches. Then a heavily reinforced structural slab was poured and finished with Unique Concrete's integrally colored cast-in-place concrete tile.

On this project, the customer chose to have coping be a different color than the pool deck. The surface was textured with a knockdown finish that created peaks and valleys to minimize heat transmission on hot days and provide slip resistance. The entire surface was rubbed with a grindstone to eliminate any sharp edges that would be uncomfortable for barefoot traffic. All of the impressions that defined the pattern were grouted to create a unique custom masonry product that is easy to maintain. This method of resurfacing is very forgiving to the surrounding landscaped areas and is cost effective by eliminating the conventional idea of demolishing and removing the failed concrete and repouring new material.

Unique Concrete suggested the homeowner take this opportunity to replace the original plumbing lines and run them around the perimeter of the concrete to the pool equipment. The contractor also suggested that the vertical aspect of the metal coping be painted to minimize the visual impact.

The structural slab was reinforced with a combination of steel and 2 1/4-inch structural synthetic fibers. The integrally colored cast-in-place concrete tile was reinforced with PVA structural synthetic fibers. Unique Concrete also add an internal water repellent to its mix to further strengthen this product and help it resist the destructive forces of water in a freeze/thaw climate.

The resurfacing process and Unique Concrete's new construction process have the same finished look. The difference comes in the additional reinforcement required in the structural slab for resurfacing applications. The process uses the old cookie cutter style of stamping tools. This creates individual units that not only have a more realistic look than stamped concrete finished with mats, but also essentially create a geometrically crack control system. It is similar to the look of a traditional concrete paver wet laid over a structural slab and it is guaranteed never to delaminate.